About Me

Jackie Lackenbacher Photo

Hi, I’m Jackie and I am a passionate Product Designer with more than 20 years of creative direction and implementation experience successfully leading teams of designers, freelancers, and vendors in the valuable art of problem-solving and collaboration. I thrive working alongside multi-disciplinary teams and find that the best design solutions arise from collaborative efforts.

I provide innovation and solutions for print, digital, and UI/UX design and am known to demonstrate strong leadership skills in a creative, cross-functional, and multi-disciplinary environment.

Born and raised in beautiful Colombia (with “o” vs. “u”), South America, I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design when HTML started to become common vernacular. After running my own business providing graphic design services for a year, I decided it was time to learn a new language and travel the world, as I love traveling! So I moved to Vancouver, Canada, to learn English as a second language and stayed for another year and a half studying New Media. Back then, New Media was used as the umbrella term for what we call today HTML, animation, video, and web.

Through the years I grew from being a designer to a manager. I executed visual solutions for all internal and external publications in a wide range of projects, simultaneously innovating and improving project management systems.

I desire to bring my variety of experiences and the breadth of knowledge I have acquired to my future jobs, while always being open to learning new things from my work and being inspired by those I’m surrounded by.

To review my resumé for more details, please visit my Linkedin.