LightStream A/B Test

PPC landing page website redesign


Redesign a Pay Per Click (PPC) landing page as a standalone web page intended to be used in a paid campaign on AdWords, Bing, Google, or similar SEO companies. On average, we saw 48.5% of new user visitors were bouncing back or leaving the site after landing on a product page.


LightStream had one landing page for all their demographic users. LightStream was missing the opportunity to talk directly to the PPC target.  We were able to get the traffic information from the conversions, visits, and direct call of action, which proved that the pages need optimization.

Client                             Role

LightStream                             UX/UI Designer


  • Competitor Analysis
  • User Flow
  • Wireframes
  • User Testing
  • UI Design

Tools Used

  • Pen & Paper
  • Photoshop

Old Swimming Pool Landing Page

Landing PPC Page

Problem Statement

I am a user that wants to get a loan to finance my new pool, and I’m trying to search the internet to find a loan provider. I found LightStream, but their landing page has too much information, and it makes me feel overwhelmed.I left the page without finding the loan application.

Problem Solutions

As Pay Per Click landing page, we need to understand the visitors and optimize each element of the page to maximize the percentage of new visitors that will complete the loan application.

Potential Solutions

A responsive landing page focused on the results of our analytics, that is aligned with the user’s intent. The optimization of the page is essential by making sure the landing page includes: a strong headline, a clean and attractive design, convincing copy, eye-catching CTA, and finally eliminating the navigation bar.

The Discovery Stage

We started our project by researching and doing an analysis of what was missing and found to main issues.  First, having a navigation menu prevented the user from focusing on the main action of applying for a new loan. Second, the content on the page was long and extended, distracting the user from focusing on the main purpose. This lead to a high percentage of bouncing rate to the number of impressions from the advertising.

Low-fidelity Wireframes

After reviewing some of our notes and experiences, we had to make sure we weren’t designing something that would fail. These landing pages were intend to look visually different from the consumer-facing homepage.

Wireframes sketches
Wireframes sketches3

The Test Plan

We decided to go with the usability testing A/B testing. We ran several variations from the control page, as this particular page was converting at 3.12% from the advertising impressions.

We tested three very different layouts, colors, images, and content. This allowed us to do usability testing and get quantitative feedback on the impact of each particular design, such as whether users prefer a specific rate calculator style over another.

The decision to use the Swimming Pool Financing PPC page was because this product page had high traffic, which provided enough information to get statistically significant results, allowing us to set up the data to interpret the results properly.


The Hypothesis

The hypothesis for this test was simple. If we removed the primary navigation, created a clean, attractive design that looks trustworthy, professional, and consistent with LightStream’s brand, as well as adding an eye-catching call to action above the fold,  this would allow us to increase and improve the converting rate of the PPC landing page for desktop and mobile.

The Test

Desktop traffic was higher compared to mobile. We ran the Control (A) against B/C/D. The traffic for this test came from a 90 day trial of Google Adworks.

Images of Templates

The Results

After selecting option D, the bounce rate improved from 48.5%to 18.5%, and the conversion of a completed application moved from 15% to 38%.

The biggest change was updating the main navigation page to a more simplified version, and we focused on showcasing the rate calculator in an easy and more user-friendly format.

Image of different devices
Swimming Pool PPC
Used Auto PPC