Generosity Never Loses It Values

Annual Report, Layout Design and Art Direction.

A poster with the words generosity never loses its value.

Project summary

Although it was a challenging year for San Diego, there was still reason to celebrate. The San Diego Foundation, one of the most influential non-profits in the county, had to showcase its successes despite the challenges of the Great Recession. We wanted to thank the donors who made it all possible.

The annual report was a labor of love, as we wanted to capture the spirit of San Diegans, who persevered despite the difficult circumstances. We focused on the theme of "Generosity" and asked three mayors' donors of San Diego County why they chose to give and what it meant to them to support the community.
The result was a beautiful and emotional report that genuinely reflected the resilience and generosity of San Diegans. We are proud to have been a part of this project and grateful to all those who contributed to its success.

Design & Development Process

ARt DIrection
Editorial Design
Our design process began with brainstorming the theme for the year. We took pictures of our non-profit partners, donors' events, scholarship recipients, and staff throughout the year. From all these pictures, we chose the best one that told the stories, and the marketing director did the copy.

Then, we started working on the main design layouts, including the cover, CEO's letter, programs pages, donor's new endowments, and non-endowments pages. The layout was carefully art directed from start to finish, and once the annual report and assets were sent to the printer, I supervised the pre-press process until the work was complete.
"GENEROSITY is not a one-time act. It is a
lifelong commitment to making the world a better
place. It means never failing to do your part
toward a better tomorrow.”
–  Malin Burnham - Community Leader